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Can you help me get started with PRMHero/Managed Print Services?

PRMhero MPS Managed Print Services Software ERP web integration services

As intuitive as we nerds think our software is we put together a cheat sheet to help you “Cool Kids” get started and put this amazing software to work.

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Does PRMHero MPS Software Support ERP or CRM Web Integrations?

PRMhero MPS Managed Print Services Software ERP web integration services

No Problem!
Our team has over twenty five years of imaging industry and enterprise programming experience. We can help integrate PRMhero with your Enterprise Resource Planning and/or CRM software. We can even integrate Third Party Managed Print Services (MPS) software data with your ERP software.

Can you Address Network Security and Data Collection?

PRMHero Managed Print Services MPS Software Data Collector Diagram

No Personal or user data is collected by the PRMhero Data Collector (DC). Only the following information is gathered and transmitted to PRMHero's Secure Server: Printer Name, Make & Model, Location, Serial Number, IP Address, MAC Address, Page Counts, Scan Counts (alot of MPS Providers are now billing for scans) Toner Levels, Status / Alerts (low toner, out of toner, paper jam, etc..)

The PRMHero Data Collector connects to the PRMHero's Secure server via a ONE WAY outbound connection only. There is no reverse connection made from PRMhero's secure server to the DC. If available all data is sent via HTTPS. This ensures that the data is encrypted during transmission using standard internet security protocols (128 bit SSL on TCP port 443). If HTTPS is not available, the DC can use HTTP (port 80) as the send method. HTTPS (128-bit SSL) is the industry standard when it comes to protecting the integrity and confidentiality of your data. Our Server then sends a simple encrypted confirmation that the printer data was received.

Does PRMHero have a Supply Level Solution for Extended Yield Ink and Toner Cartridges?

For the last two years we have been working on a solution to offer accurate ink and toner level readings for inkjet and laser printers using aftermarket extended yield toner cartridges, Modified Ink cartridges and Continuous ink systems.
This solution was initially developed and intended for a single purpose of fully automating the supply replenishment for HP's Pro-X series of printers and MFP's that have been modified with a continuous ink system for use in SOHO MPS environments. Using a proprietary algorithm to accurately estimate the remaining page counts of each supply dealers are able to set custom supply replenishment thresholds. The PRMhero software can then automatically send these supply replenishment requests to any number of suppliers or distributors. Click Here to learn more about our Custom Supply Level Solution

Can the PRMHero Data Collector be installed on a Mac?

We have a hardware appliance that can be purchased for around $100 USD for Mac only environments. Our DC is NOT Mac Compatible

Does PRMHero offer a Automated Supply Replenishment Solution?

PRMHero software has been successfully used by Imaging Supply Dealers and Cartridge Retailers wanting a solution to compete with the HP Instant Ink Program and/or the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS).
By developing simple and affordable MPS & Automated Printer Supply Replenishment software PRMhero allows dealers who are new to offering Managed Print Services a simple way to get started. Instead of confusing or complicated MPS programs that involve contracts dealers can suggest their end user customers take advantage of the their automated supply replenishment program. "Offering your end-user customers a tool that allows them to finally forget about running out of toner or having to manually inventory their supplies is a huge value-ad and creates a psychological contract with your customer."

Can PRMHero provide me with just a basic MPS Contract that I can edit and use?

A generous PRMHero customer offered to share their usage based Managed Print Services agreement/contract based on the understanding that it is just a guideline or rough draft. You should have your legal department modify the agreement to comply with the laws in your area.

If you agree with this understanding and will hold PRMI, Inc. and PRMHero harmless from any damages relating to the use of this agreement then Click Here for the THINK! Office Solutions Usage Based MPS Supply Agreement

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